WiFi Modem

Before even starting to search across the market, about which modem is the best to buy is necessary to deeply understand what the task that this product performed and how it will work to enhance the performance of our local network. And, in that way will be helpful to know the meaning of the two terms that form in this type of product… that are Modem and WiFi, each one has independent meanings, but used together have special characteristics.

Modem: So trying to develop a simple explanation about the term, we could say that a modem is any device capable to convert an analog signal to a digital signal. Realize that the word “converts” is not the most right, but is a good way to introduce the frame and now that we have a general idea about it is time to discover what the word “modem” means… modulator-demodulator, whereby we could understand that works transferring something. This something is the signal, which always goes from one point to another analogically, but needs modulation in order so it can be admissible for any interactive device like phones, PC, systems, etc. Maybe not the most scientific explanation, but we think that make sense. Another relevant aspect about modems is the way to express the data that transferred by them, which is bits per seconds (bps) classified based on the bits measure that can transfer, the greatest measure the better. Finally, we could write that the modems are not new devices because are officially developed since the 1960s, time in which main change is its capacity of transfer data (bps).

WiFi: So now let’s talk about what WiFi means because many times most of us listen a lot the term, but not completely understand what it is, and initially we might say that term referred is about the technology that come installed like an element inside any product, which means that the WiFi feature is not exclusive to the telecommunication industry, but to any electronic device that would be used remotely and as part of a network. In that way the basic meaning of the WiFi term is the characteristic of group of electronic devices to transfer data between them wireless by using radio waves, generating with this interactivity a computer network. Additionally we could say that because this term got very popular over the last years, there was a group of organizations that create the WiFi Alliance that is focus on develop a “standard” that allows the tech companies to design its products looking to develop compatibility between each other’s independently from the brand that it is, which finally results in the develop of bigger networks that give meaning to the globalization term.

There are many things like that we might be aware about the Modem WiFi term like it’s main standard denomination, which is IEEE 802.11 or that the WiFi term is synonym with WLAN, but it will take lot more time to explain it. So basically the main thing that we need to know about how to use a Modem WiFi is that is a device with which we can transfer the data without using any cable and under a computer frame, of course the data could be any high-speed internet connection. Our last advice is that not all WiFi Modem are compatible with all computer devices, so be sure that you know what elements will be part of your WiFi network (WLAN) to get the best performance possible after configuration.

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