How to Hide My IP Address

If you are one of the millions of people who are concerned with internet security and privacy, then you probably find yourself asking “how to hide my IP address?”. Internet, nowadays, has been considered a necessity. We pay bills, we do business, and we communicate through internet. Suffice it to say that we depend much on the internet and are hungry for the convenience it gives.

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How to Hide IP Address with Tools

But yet again, the convenience it gives us is tagged with several drawbacks. Internet is not just all about entertainment and convenience. The seemingly never ending issue on safety and anonymous internet usage is a proof that internet does not give you all smiles. Now, this article will shed light on options available to hide IP address.

There are tools available to be used to hide IP address.  These tools include proxy servers, add-ons and VPNs. Proxy servers work by masking your true IP address with a fake one making it impossible to reveal your true IP address and can be downloaded straight to your computer. On some websites, they offer these for free.

How to Hide IP Address and Protect your privacy

So why are these tools important? As implied above, internet comes with advantages and disadvantages. You would not want anyone or a bunch of people trailing you behind, knowing whatever you do online. Any normal person wants privacy. You have your identity and you want to protect it.

With these tools to hide IP address, you can surf online without being tracked. No one can know what you do and websites you visit. Your online actions remain hidden. Your personal information such as login names, passwords, and account number cannot be taken from you. In other words, you protect your privacy by being anonymous. And on a higher note, you prevent cybercrime to occur.

How to Hide IP Address with Firefox Add-ons Tools

To hide IP address, you can use add-ons. Add-ons are enhancement tools which allow the computer user to boost the application feature that can be installed to the internet browser Mozilla Firefox.

There are several Firefox add-ons available to help hide IP address. You can use any of which you prefer. The Anonymization Toolbar as its name suggests lets you maintain your true identification, on one click, you can delete your browsing history. Browse at Work can be used to gain access to websites which are filtered. Foxtor avoids leaving a trail on the websites you visit and lets you “masked or unmasked” your IP address, whichever you prefer. FoxyProxy, is another add-ons which can be also used with Internet Explorer and Google. In ProxySel, you can select a proxy from the list. And SwithProxy can abolish malwares besides helping you conceal your IP address.

How to Hide IP Address with the 7 VPN Services to Anonymize Your P2P & Torrent Traffic

To share or download files, you can anonymize your p2p and torrent traffic, you have the freedom to choose from the 7 VPN services to help you maintain secrecy and hide IP address.  VPN or Virtual Private Network is a tool that uses internet or a transitional network that enables to connect with remote computer networks. This tool has its unique security measures that do not let the transfer of information stray outside the connection. Authentication is needed in order to access the connection and information is encrypted. This is often used by companies and other government agencies.

In order to hide your IP address and protect your privacy, you can select whichever VPN services you prefer from the following: HideMyAss secrectly encrypts your internet connection making you “invisible” in the online world. BolehVPN lets you download torrents at a faster speed; it gets you through websites which is filtered by your ISP. BTGuard does not keep logs so you are free and can’t be tracked. AceVPN enables you to freely surf the web though you have to put up with a download speed of 100kbps. CyberGhost prevents site owners from identifying you and you get to get unrestrained access to any sites and is also capable of securing that your public connection can’t be breached. PacketiX.NET is a free application makes it possible to surf the internet with a Japanese IP address. And lastly, ItsHidden VPN service works well with sharing and downloading files on torrent.

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