How to Change My IP Address

When it comes to internet, one of the most common questions you may find yourself asking is “how to change my IP address?” Yes, internet has affected us so much it has become crucial part to our lives.  Nowadays, people can’t seem to get enough of the internet and the help, entertainment and fun it offers. But no matter how enticing it is, the question of privacy and security still resurface.

Internet is as dangerous as any place in the planet. Hackers and unwarranted people may bring you harm in ways you have not foreseen. Any websites even those who seem safe may not be. Even checking your own email address cannot be that safe anymore. This is when IP address become quite famous than before. People realized that serves several purpose than what it intended to be. Now, more and more people want to know how to change IP address.

Now, before we delve deeper on how to change IP address, let us first know what an IP address really is. Internet Protocol address is much known as IP address. It is an identification set for you and your computer alone by your ISP or Internet Service Provider. It is important in surfing the internet for it is a way for websites to distinguish the people who visits their websites and where these viewers are geographically located. There is what we call a static IP address and dynamic IP address.

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How To Change IP Address Using A Proxy Server?

To change IP address is quite simple. There is what we call a proxy server. A proxy server as its name suggests is an alternative IP address. It acts as a protector of your real IP address by concealing it with another server’s identification.  Besides masking your authenticated IP address, these proxy servers also tend to avoid downloading contents with the same content, to gain access of filtered sites and to breach parental controlled sites.

Here’s an answer to your question on how to change IP address. In some cases, for a proxy to work, you need to know the address and the port number of the proxy.  Then you may now set the proxy settings with the précised address and port number which is typically located in the connection menu in the internet browser. Then you are good to go. You can now use proxy server.

There are proxy servers offered in the internet that can be of help to you to change IP address.  Some websites offer them for free, some does not. There are several software applications that you can download to help with your proxy servers problems.

How to Change IP Address and the Importance of Advanced Proxy Test

Advanced proxy test is done to check is your proxy is really anonymous. This test is done through a couple of tests trying to distinguish the proxy server used. Advanced proxy test is used by many business owners to help them determine if the IP address being tested is under a proxy server or not.

How to Change IP Address and Anonymous Proxy Risks

As discussed above, yes, it is possible to change IP address by using proxy servers. However, there is one setback. When using a proxy server, all information sent goes through the proxy server before it reaches another website or service. And a malicious proxy server may record copy the data sent. These data can be usernames, passwords, account numbers, social security information and other private data that can be used against you. So you have to be careful in choosing websites that offers free proxy servers online and downloading applications. Read the agreement policy and download from a trustworthy source only.

How to Change IP Address and Using a Free Proxy

If your privacy is so important to you but you don’t want to spend too much, then free proxy is the best thing for you. There are a lot of advantages in using a free proxy. Primarily is your ability to access the websites that are normally blocked on your location or the websites that log your IP address. And since you took a free proxy, it won’t hurt your pocket that much. Isn’t a great way to learn how to change your IP address, eh?

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