Find What is My IP Address?

Have you ever asked yourself with “What is my IP address?” Have you heard of the term IP Address before? If you have been using the internet then you should have an idea of what this term is. IP address or Internet Protocol Address is a set of internet rules designed to allow computers, and other gadget that can access the internet, to communicate with each other through the use of internet. This communication includes emails, chatting, and accessing another remote computer. IP address allows the millions of locations of millions of computer and internet gadgets around the world to be easily determined.

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Two Types of IP Address:

IP address is unique to each and every computer – meaning, there is no computers that shares the same IP address. And these IP addresses can either be a Static IP Address or Dynamic IP Address.

1. Static Internet Protocol Address

The static IP address is assigned by an administrator to the computer through a series of procedure and this address is permanent. The function of static IP address is to allow remote computers and internet gadgets to communicate with your computer in a most simple way.

This type of IP address can be tracked down easier and will reveal information such as the exact location of the computer, the ISP of the computer and other technical information of the computer. Though, static IP address is considered as less secure, there are many internet precautions that can be applied to make your internet use safer.

Static IP address is very ideal to people who constantly travel. This allows them to still access their computers at home even if they are on the other side of the earth as long as the said computer is turned on. Another purpose of static IP address is in web hosting as there are many business broadband packages nowadays that offer a free static IP address that can be used in advertising your business. Isn’t it a great way to get a permanent IP address while saving money? Static IP address works perfectly well for people who love online gaming as the connection that comes with the IP address is very smooth brought by the fast transfers of data by the FTP servers.

2. Dynamic Internet Protocol Address

Dynamic IP address on the other hand is a temporary address assigned to the computer every time it accesses the World Wide Web. The temporary addresses used are taken from the collection of IP addresses shared various computers in the world. One of the reasons with the birth of dynamic IP addresses is the limited number of static IP addresses available. Getting dynamic IP address is more affordable while giving them a wider range of subscribers to provide the service with.

Many use dynamic IP address because all the computers can automatically get IP address, DNS, and gateway from Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server (DHCP). Thus allowing every computer owners to add any number of new computers to the network without so much hassle. The only pitfall of using dynamic internet protocol address is the fact that is not good to use in web hosting.

How To Get My IP Address

Finding your computer’s IP address is a good thing especially if you own a website since it could allow you to view the total number of visitors checking your site out. Identifying your computer’s IP address is a very simple and easy task to do. Here are the steps to follow should you want to find the IP address if your computer:

1. Click Start Menu and go to the Control Panel. If you have a shortcut icon of Control Panel on your desktop, then you just have to open it there by double clicking it.
2. Check the list of general icons that will show up on your Control Panel and choose Network and Internet. You may find it under the Internet Options too.
3. Choose the one-stop shop in tracking your computer’s internet connections and network settings by launching Network and Sharing Center.
4. Find the Connection setting and tick the box for View Status.
5. Go to Details which is directly under the General settings in the heading part. There are list of information that will appear after this action. You will see the Internet Protocol address of your computer in the settings.

How To Get My IP Address For Mac users:

1. Go to the Apple menu and select the System Preferences.
2. Once you are already in the System Preferences, find View menu and open it. Then choose Network.
3. After you opened the Network window, choose a network port. This could either be an Ethernet, Airport, or a modem. Then go to Status.
4. You will see your IP address under the Status. Make sure that you are connected to the internet to make this action successful.

How Do I Change My IP Address

You probably heard about several people hiding their IP addresses. Their reasons vary from one to another. There are a lot of ways that you could apply to hide your IP address. There are a lot of ways to use in order to change your IP address. One of these is to use a proxy server. The main function of using a proxy server is to let anyone surf in the internet anonymously by changing or hiding the computer’s IP address.

With the huge number of people surfing the internet every day, it is really of great importance to own an IP location database. An IP location database or IP geolocation enables you to locate a certain location of the IP address without much hassle and complications – all for the satisfaction of your clienteles and for the success of your business. But before anything else, you have to answer the question “What is my IP address?” to be able to do this action, right?

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