How to Check Your Internet Speed.

Internet Speed Test.

We provide you speed test tool for check the performance of an Internet connection, which is based on the number of bytes data travel per second. That data travels from the user’s device to the ISP (upload) and from the ISP (download). It is depending on the type of connection like Broadband and lease line, if you using broadband connection the speed will differs dramatically and download rate is higher than the upload. But if you’re using lease line connection the speed will not differs, and download and upload rate will be same at any time.

What factors affect to Internet Speed?

Internet Connection plan and type.

  • Internet connection’s plan and types are a big thing of an internet speed. How fast of an internet connection you are using. The internet service provider is providing bandwidth as per your plan and connection type.
  • If you have taken broadband connection, then your internet connection will work as 8/1. It means your download speed will 8 and upload speed will 1. In this case upload speed will 8 times lower than download speed. Broadband connection gives you download speed is more than upload speed.
  • If you have taken Internet Lease Line connection, then your internet connection will work as1/1. It means your download speed will 1 and upload speed will also 1. ILL connection will give you the same speed in both situation Download and Upload.
  • Now we are talking about Internet plans, if you have taken 1mbps plan and using lots of downloading and browsing. It will work slowly because your capacity is 1mbps and you are trying more than your capacity

Traffic Congestion.

When you are using internet your all quires go to the web server, that all quires going through the multiple router’s, root’s, webserver’s and then reached the web server. In this process traffic congestion is the main factor. Because it’s same as road traffic.

Cable and Equipment.

Cable and equipment should be well working. If your equipment is faulty, it’s affecting to your internet speed. Also cable should be new or good condition. Your internet connection is on fiber optic cable it is always better than copper cable, because copper cable will be affected to internet speed. Due to bad joints, overhead hanging near to high power load.

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