Belkin Router Setup

Belkin Router Login is the default window to setup and configure the Belkin routers. Belkin users may discover many types of difficulties while configuring the routers using Belkin router login. Our team is always dedicated to provide the quality services for Belkin Router Configuration issues. These days, Belkin is providing products for three main international brands. These brands are WeMo, Linksys and Belkin itself. WeMo is one of the newest brand and the WeMo products are we known the easy to use features and great performance

How to Update Belkin Router Firmware? – Belkin Router Login

Firmwares are the regular updations introduced by the Belkin and other companies to boost the overall performance of the networking devices including Router and Printers. Although, updating the firmware is not a difficult task but we have explained the steps you need to follow while updating the Firmwares for the Belkin routers.

Besides that, we can also help you on a phone call if you are facing problems while updating the available firmware for your Belkin router. Just call at Toll-Free-Number 1800-603-4024and discuss your problem regarding Belkin Router Login or Belkin Router Configuration.

Step 1: First of all obviously, you need to download the available firmware for the Belkin routers. There are many online portal from where you can easily download the free Firmwares and install drivers that also free of cost.

Step 2:  During the download you can save the firmware from any desired location in your computer system. That location can be any drive or the desktop.

Step 3: Now, just connect your computer system with the LAN port of the Belkin router. After that open the default web browser and fill the address http://router or 192.168.l0.1, this is the default address to open the Belkin Router Login page.

Step 4: Now, you will find an option of the firmware update. Click on that option and select the firmware available that you have saved at the desired location.

Note: These are the simple steps for the firmware updations for the Belkin router. At any time you need any kind of help for Belkin Router Login or the Belkin Router Configuration, you are always welcomed to contact our team. We are the professional team members providing the services the Belkin router setup.

Procedure to Login to the Belkin Router – Belkin Router Login

Login procedure for the Belkin router is almost same as other company’s routers. If you have a brand new Belkin router and you want to login to the Belkin router with default settings, we have explained the steps here. Just follow these simple steps and you will be able for Belkin router login. At point if you feel yourself confused, you can call at the Toll-Free-Number 1800-603-4024.

Step 1: First open the web browser and fill the address http://192.168.l0.1 or simply http://router. Remember that http://192.168.l0.1 is the default private IP address used by the Belkin companies for the purpose of Belkin Router Login. Most of the companies use a range of private IP addresses for the login purpose and http://192.168.l0.1 is belongs to Belkin routers.

Step 2: You will see the Belkin router login page where you have to fill the login details for successful login for the Belkin settings.

Belkin Router Login Steps

Using and configuration of Belkin routers is not that difficult even if you are a new user and you are from a non technical background; you can perform the steps very easily. At any point if you feel that you need help regarding Belkin router login or Belkin router configuration you can contact to our professional team for the help.

First Step for Belkin Router Login Configuration

First of all connect the cable between the Ethernet slot and the personal computer you are using.

Second Step for Belkin Router Login Configuration

Open the web browser you are using. After opening the web browser just fill the address in the address bar and press enter.

Third Step for Belkin Router Login Configuration

You will see that a login screen is appeared on the screen and then you need to fill the login details. Just leave the password blank and press enter key.

Forth Step for Belkin Router Login Configuration

You will find the “Internet Wan” under “Internet Settings”.

Fifth Step for Belkin Router Login Configuration

You just need to click on the connection type and then click on the Dynamic then Static and finally PPPOE.

Sixth Step for Belkin Router Login Configuration

Now you need to enter the Login Details that is the User Name and the Password. Select all the options correctly and proceed further.

Final Step for Belkin Router Login Configuration

Turn off the router and restart it again.

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