Router factories for the default gateway of router use IP address as a class. This IP address should be distinctive in the local area network. With an IP address, only one device is allowed. So it is set as your own private network and sometimes it is applied as the default local address for many network routers.

Setting up Your Router Using

To set your router on is quite simple. For this purpose, you firstly sign in to admin panel of your router. These points should be followed for this purpose:

  • Open the browser and enter  in the address bar of your browser.
  • Putting your user name and password where it is required. If you do not remember them.
  • Click the Network menu section.
  • Put your login credentials (username and password) from your network provider.
  • Google will provide DNS and
  • If it is required to establish the wireless function of your router, then surely you have to set it. But always select a good encryption method like WPA or WPE

Note: If you are unable to access the router’s admin panel at, try using a different IP address – or 192.168.l0.1 ,

What is Purpose of ?

The IP address is the use as a local side of connection when a wireless access point is attached to the internet. It is displayed in the TCP/IP network gateway setting in a user device which is connected to the local area network. If you want to know that your current device is using then you can see it by using ping utility.

Possible Issues with

If you are using then maybe you have to face some issues like device address assignment issue or unresponsive gateway device problem. To solve the problem of device address assignment, you just set up a static IP address for the gateway with The gateway device issue is possible down to a technical failure. Incorrect client address assignment is also another problem. It only occurs when network names and IP address settings are automatically provided to users on a Wi-Fi network. The automation calls are the cause of bugs and errors. While they are exceptional but they cause a gateway setting corruption.

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